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Class 10th English The Bet vvi Objective Questions 2024
Class 10th English Objective questions Objective Question

Class 10th English The Bet vvi Objective Questions 2024

अंग्रेज़ी (English) The Bet ऑब्जेक्टिव क्वेश्चन 2024:- हैलो दोस्तो अगर आप मैट्रिक परीक्षा 2024 के लिए तैयारी कर रहे है तो यहां पर क्लास 10th English अंग्रेज़ी का महत्वपूर्ण ऑब्जेक्टिव क्वेश्चन आंसर ( Class 10th English vvi Objective Question Answer ) दिया गया है यहां पर क्लास 10th अंग्रेज़ी 2024 का मॉडल पेपर ( Class 10th English Model Paper ) तथा ऑनलाइन टेस्ट ( Online Test ) भी दिया गया है और PDF डाउनलोड कर के भी पढ़ सकते हैं । और आप मैट्रिक के फाइनल एग्जाम में अच्छा मार्क्स ला सकते हैं और अपने भाविष्य को उज्वल बना सकते है धन्यवाद –

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Class 10th English The Bet vvi Objective Questions 2024


1. The lawyer/prisoner asked only for……in the       second year of imprisonment.

(A) novels

(B) classics

(C) piano

(D) poetry

Ansewr :-  (B) classics

2. The lawyer in the first year rejected

(A) food

(B) juices

(C) wine

(D) proteins

Ansewr :-  (C) wine

3. According to the lawyer, it is better to…..somehow than not to live at all.

(A) die

(B) kill

(C) live

(D) poison

Ansewr :-  (C) live

4. The poor …………… informed the banker about the lawyer’s ‘disappearance’.

(A) watchman

(B) servant

(C) doctor

(D) maid

Ansewr :-  (A) watchman

5. To stop rumours, the banker locked the lawyer’s……in his safe.

(A) note

(B) books

(C) clothes

(D) piano

Ansewr :-  (A) note

6. ‘Your books gave me wisdom’, Who said this in ‘The Bet’?

(A) Banker

(B) Lawyer

(C) Friends

(D) Neighbours

Ansewr :-  (B) Lawyer

7. The banker decided to murder the

(A) guard

(B) servant

(C) gardener

(D) lawyer

Ansewr :-  (D) lawyer


English The Bet Objective Question Answer 2024


8. The banker in ‘The Bet’ had given a party……years back.

(A) 10

(B) 12

(C) 15

(D) 20

Ansewr :-  (C) 15

9. The lawyer read books with……themes in his first year of confinement.

(A) serious

(B) violent

(C) light

(D) sad

Ansewr :-  (C) light

10. The banker hid the lawyer’s note in his

(A) safe

(B) cupboard

(C) drawer

(D) box

Ansewr :-  (A) safe

11. What was the amount of the bet between the banker and the lawyer?

(A) Two million roubles

(B) Two thousand dollars

(C) Two billion roubles

(D) Two thousand roubles

Ansewr :-  (A) Two million roubles

12. According to the bet, the lawyer had to remain in the cell for …. years.

(A) twenty

(B) ten

(C) twelve

(D) fifteen

Ansewr :-  (D) fifteen

13. The bet was struck for an amount of…..million roubles.

(A) two

(B) three

(C) four

(D) five

Ansewr :-  (A) two

14. During his period of confinement, the lawyer was deprived
of the right to cross the…..

(A) garden

(B) boundary

(C) threshold

(D) town

Ansewr :-  (C) threshold

15. Who is the author of “The Bet”?

(A) Premchand

(B) Dr. Rana S. P. Singh

(C) Anton Chekhov

(D) John Galsworthy

Ansewr :-  (C) Anton Chekhov

16. During the first year of imprisonment the lawyer in the Bet’

(A) suffered terribly

(B) enjoyed happily

(C) ate heavily

(D) listened to music 

Ansewr :-  (D) listened to music


Bihar Board 10th English Objective Question Answer


17. In the story “The Bet’, what was the weather like on the day
the banker went to kill the lawyer?

(A) It was raining and very cold

(B) It was sunny and very hot

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (A) It was raining and very cold

18. The bet was struck between the banker and the

(A) Lawyer

(B) Scholar

(C) Journalist

(D) Doctor

Ansewr :-  (A) Lawyer

19. The discussion about capital punishment and life imprison ment went on in a

(A) Club

(B) Court

(C) Home

(D) Party

Ansewr :-  (D) Party

20. Anton Chekhov was born on

(A) January 17, 1860

(B) January 17, 1680

(C) January 18, 1860

(D) January 17, 1862

Ansewr :-  (A) January 17, 1860

21. Who was the host of the party in “The Bet’

(A) Lawyer

(B) Banker

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (B) Banker


22. Who had agreed to stake his freedom?

(A) The banker

(B) The guest

(C) A lawyer

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (C) A lawyer

23. What was the age of the lawyer?

(A) Twenty years

(B) Twenty-two years

(C) Twenty-three years

(D) Twenty-five years

Ansewr :-  (D) Twenty-five years

24. The banker staked his two millions for……

(A) Three years

(B) Four years

(C) Five years

(D) Six years

Ansewr :-  (C) Five years


Matric English Objective Question


25. Most of the guests were against

(A) Capital punishment

(B) Life imprisonment

(C) Both

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (A) Capital punishment

26. Anton Chekhov, the author was

(A) English

(B) German

(C) Russian

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (C) Russian

27. Who did not agree with the opinion of his guests?

(A) The banker

(B) The lawyer

(C) Both

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (A) The banker

28. What was staked in the bet?

(A) One million

(B) Two millions

(C) Three millions

(D) None of these

Ansewr :- (B) Two millions

29. Anton Chekhov wrote almost…….Stories

(A) Six

(B) Sixteen

(C) Six hundred

(D) Six thousand

Ansewr :-  (C) Six hundred

30. The banker gave a party in

(A) Spring

(B) Autumn

(C) Summer

(D) All of these

Ansewr :-  (B) Autumn

31. Having no money

(A) Sunker

(B) Lost

(C) Bankruptcy

(D) Smother

Ansewr :-  (C) Bankruptcy

32. How many plays did Anton Chekhov write?

(A) Five

(B) Fifteen

(C) Seven

(D) Seventeen

Ansewr :-  (D) Seventeen


Class 10th English Model Paper And Question Bank 2024 PDF Download


33. Why did the banker weep to read the notes of the lawyer?

(A) To read the notes

(B) Because he was filled with guilt

(C) Felt contempt for herself

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (B) Because he was filled with guilt

34. Why was the banker afraid of honouring the Bet?

(A) The banker’s economic condition had become weak

(B) Lawyer was confined for long period

(C) The banker was very rich

(D) None of these

Ansewr :-  (A) The banker’s economic condition had become weak

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